About Kenton

Kenton was formerly a professional seller of laboratory instruments. In 1999, it produced the first batch of 101 series drying oven and launched them on the market. Later, it successively launched incubator, biochemical incubator and other series. In 2005, we?obtained ISO: 9001 quality certification, and in 2008-2012, we?successively obtained CE certification. In 2013, a new generation of product series was introduced, and its functions and uses were comprehensively upgraded. The liner material was upgraded to SUS 304 stainless steel. In 2011, we expanded the global market, and now our products are sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia?major markets.

Kenton manufactures laboratory equipments?under our own brand.?Our product line includes biological safety cabinets, artificial climate chambers, drying ovens, incubators, high temperature chambers, humidifiers, water baths, industrial air ovens, laminar flow cabinet, biochemical incubators, vacuum ovens, constant temperature and humidity chambers, and light incubators, among other series. The 30,000 sets produced annually are expected to expand at a pace of 20% annually. It has emerged as South China's biggest and most significant equipment manufacturer.

The business has launched Kenton Technology Ltd. to concentrate on the development of supporting equipment in the disciplines of biological research and life sciences, in response to changes in worldwide market demand. We increased the new product series, which includes: blood oscillator, anaerobic oven, (Ultra)low temperature refrigerator, non-pipeline clean gas fume hood, sterile isolation cabinet, drug testing safety cabinet, etc., via independent research and development and technical advancement. Numerous scientific research departments, medical preservation, genetic vaccination, and other businesses make extensive use of our goods.

In the meanwhile, we have expanded our recognition and support and have sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and other international markets thanks to consistent investment, research and development, and advancements in workers, equipment, and technology. To supply top-notch goods and services to reputable laboratories and scientific research centers, as well as to mining and industrial companies both domestically and internationally.