Upgraded SPX biochemical incubator

SPX biochemical incubator has been upgraded from the original digital display panel?to an LCD temperature control panel, with a larger display panel and clearer values. The screen?controls temperature more effectively and accurately, making it less volatile. The temperature range has also been added to 90 degrees (optional). In addition to meeting the temperature requirements of different samples, 90 degrees can be set for high-temperature sterilization after each experiment to avoid cross-infection in the next experiment. The control panel also has functions such as timing and over-temperature alarms, which can automatically cut off the power supply to protect the experimental samples. The biochemical incubator is suitable for scientific research and production departments such as environmental protection, medical treatment, drug testing, health and epidemic prevention, agricultural livestock, and aquatic products. It is a special constant temperature equipment for BOD determination of water analysis, cultivation and protection of bacteria, biochemistry, and microorganisms, and plant cultivation and breeding experiments. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us!
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