Custom-made ovens by Kenton

Large drying ovens with particular parameters?customised to meet Israeli customers' needs:

1. Working temperature up to 200C

2. Oven internal dimensions: width: 750, depth: 750, height: 1200mm – made of 304 stainless steel

3. Oven has 100% horizontal airflow from left to right?– both sides of the interior are made of perforated stainless steel sheet

4. 3 perforated shelves – each can support 60 kg – made of stainless steel – removable

5. Oven has hidden heater [The heater should not directly heat the air in the oven, so the heater blows the oven floor according to the diagram

6. Oven does not come with an electric cabinet?[only the heater and motor are installed]

7. Electrical: 3ph/400v/9000w – The heater is a stainless steel tubular heater – placed under the heating?area

8. There is a fastening sheet under the heater so they do not fall and break away from the sheet above them

9. High temperature wires are provided and connected to the heater

10 .100mm exhaust pipe on top right corner?- with flap

11.100mm air inlet pipe on top left corner, leading all the way to the heater [As shown on diagram] – with flap

12.High pressure air circulation fan made of stainless steel

13.Doors: 2 doors with high temperature gaskets and locks

14.The oven has 4 wheels: front wheels are rotatable/rear wheels are fixed – all wheels have locks

15.Insulation material: 100mm high density rock/ceramic/glass wool

This equipment is manufactured?from Kenton, we?specialize in the production of laboratory equipment, industrial ovens and customized ovens. We have?ISO management system certification, medical industry EU certification and CE certification, etc., with quality assurance, and is trusted by domestic and foreign customers. It is an influential instrument and equipment manufacturer. If you need to customize any laboratory products,?please contact us!

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